Lead Generation is Changing

Lead Generation is Changing

Currently, there are a ton of different options available if you want to acquire new leads online. The price and quality of lead generation can vary greatly from provider to provider as well. Today, most providers are doing the same things that have worked for businesses in the past, but the lead generation landscape is starting to change. Those same methods that used to work are becoming less effective, all the while the price continues to rise. This a trend that has occurred across all kinds of marketing and business growth services.

What’s Driving this Change?

The reasoning for this change boils down to a shift in the role of the consumer in regards to inbound marketing methods. It was once possible to take a cold lead through each step of the buying process. Consumers preferred to do their own research so they could make correct decisions about what is best for them. Nowadays, with so much inbound marketing material present, it has become impossible for the average consumer to sift through so much content and reach a sound decision. They are now much more open to speaking with a salesperson earlier on in their process, as long as that salesperson presents themselves as an expert in their respective field with the ability to find the best solution to their problem quickly.

With that said, it no longer makes much sense to pay for cold leads that haven’t yet shown any interest in your company, service, or product. Despite this, there are two methods still frequently used today: Lead Generation Software and Contact Miners. Lead Generation software is arguably the least effective of the two, as it relies on mining sources such as LinkedIn for leads. Contact miners are similar to the previous method, but the provider will be running the search for you and delivering a list of contacts.

A New Horizon for Lead Gen

So, how does UpSource guarantee what you receive are real leads and not just data-mined or software generated cold contacts? The process is simple: our Pods use a variety of procedures and platforms to reach out to your leads and make the first contact for you! This ensures that each appointment delivered to you is with a truly qualified lead, not a cold contact. Another added benefit is you will have the ability to budget for a fixed monthly cost, and could potentially find more value this way than with a more traditional pay-per-appointment plan.

Curious about our process or thinking of up-sourcing today? Please contact us using the form on our site or give us a call at 319-800-6276!

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