When meeting with us about your Pod for the first time, it is important to lay out the details and groundwork for an effective approach to your business or project. We’ve put together this resource to serve as a checklist to follow when discussing best practices with your client liaison. 

Define Your Goals 

Identify what your business or project needs from your pod to grow or to be effective.  Be sure to identify the nuances of your campaign, and when and how your Pod can use them to their advantage. While we do handle all training on our end to guarantee our Pods’ success, sometimes campaigns can have nuances that will require some further orientation for our pods to truly shine. For example, if there are certain specific details about the CRM being used or certain nuances during your sales process, our Pod should be equipped with clear instruction. 

Keeping Track of Business

If our Pods will only be opening or closing deals instead of handling the entire sales process,  it’s a good practice to make sure there is a plan in place to ensure that leads processed by our pods don’t end up getting neglected or stuck at a certain stage of the sales process. 

Ironing Out the Details

It’s important to go into the process with KPIs in mind, however, taking time to review KPIs and the sales pipeline as a whole during each client liaison meeting can be greatly beneficial. It’s recommended to establish the frequency of meetings with our client liaison as soon as possible as well so that these aspects can be reviewed regularly and any pertinent details can be shared with your Pod.

Of course, if you already have your own framework ready before getting started, that’s great as well! We simply suggest this one as it has served as a tried and true strategy to get the most out of our pods. Curious about what our Pods can do for your business or thinking of up-sourcing today? Please contact us using the form on our site or give us a call today! 

By: Anthony L May III

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