Nowadays, many businesses find themselves wondering the best way to increase efficiency – How can they not only grow their business, but put in processes to keep it scalable? Outsourcing has proven to be a popular choice for helping businesses grow and scale alike. However in many cases, an outsourcing solution can only be as strong as the communication tools and habits behind it. 

Good Team Habits — for Both Parties!

In any business relationship, patience, attention to detail, and long-term thinking are vital aspects of effective communication, and that’s no different when an outsourcing relationship is involved. Before even beginning your outsourcing relationship, it’s often a good idea to consider both the prospective outsourcing team and your team’s technical expertise – this way you can address any tech hiccups before they become bigger problems and ensure both parties have a reliable gameplan moving forward (a big part of scalability!). Upon beginning your relationship, note any communication hiccups that come about. Your team of Virtual Assistants should always be adaptable and quick to respond to any necessary changes. If not, then that’s a pretty clear sign there is an issue regarding communication somewhere in the process. 

During each step of the process, it’s also integral for both parties to clarify details and ask questions. Questioning is always a powerful tool for gaining deeper insight, which will of course affect future performance. It’s also the simplest and most effective way to learn. A continuous “never-stop-learning” approach to your campaign will encourage your team and Virtual Assistants to develop knowledge that will bring value to your business and your clients alike. 

Tools & Transparency 

As an outsourcing client, you should have the ability to check on the progress of your campaign at any time throughout the process. Good reporting or project-management tools are integral to a results-driven campaign and will allow both parties to see if and when they need to make changes to meet your campaign’s particular needs should any challenges arise. Putting these tools in place will also allow you to gauge how competent and self-organized your VAs are as well. 

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