Nowadays, with E-commerce becoming more and more popular, a business that wants to move to e-commerce must be especially diligent to establish a strong foundation and stand out from the competition. The right framework and an effective strategy can be the determining factor when it comes to success. Here at UpSource Media, we certainly understand that each business will need to find solutions unique to their specific niche, though certain crucial elements will remain similar across all projects. Here are a few of the elements integral to e-commerce success. 

Analysis of the Customer Journey 

Building analysis that offers the full picture of the customer journey is a hugely beneficial first step. This analysis should outline processes long before the actual point of sale and continue even after the product or service is delivered. 

Using an Omni-Channel Outlook

Establishing an omni-channel outlook is much simpler than it sounds — it essentially means ensuring that the customer experience aligns (and can be personalized!) across all the channels your customer has available to interact with your business. Examples include making sure your customer service and sales experience are unified whether business is conducted by phone, online, or in a physical store. Optimizing your channels in this manner can help make the previous point “Analyzing the customer journey” even easier, along with making it easier to add personalized experiences for the customer throughout the process. 

A Workforce Invested in Customer Interaction 

Equipping your employees with the ability to make decisions based on real-time insights is huge in e-commerce these days. Your employees should be hired, trained, and encouraged to focus on providing a great and personalized experience for each customer. 

Designing a Technology Strategy 

Another crucial aspect of e-commerce is determining what technology will be used, and then putting that technology to work to build analytics and employ an ever-changing and evolving strategy that works best for your specific business. 

We hope outlining these key aspects has helped you on your journey towards making e-commerce part of your business. If you have any questions about how UpSource can help your business reach its e-commerce goals, or supplement your team during any stage of these processes, feel free to reach out at (319) 242-3555 or by using the Contact Us form on our site! We look forward to hearing from you!

By: Anthony L May III

CEO of UpSource Media

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