For budding businesses, gaining traction can be a difficult task. Paid ads are often prohibitively expensive, leaving many businesses scrambling to make the best of their limited marketing budget. Here are a couple of tips to help stretch your marketing budget as far as it can. 

Organic Marketing

This method of marketing is one of the lowest-cost approaches as it requires the least initial investment — in fact, the only thing it requires to get started is commitment! This method entails creating content so that your site will appear in the results for relevant search engine queries. Of course, it’s still no walk in the park; there is a lot that goes into search engine optimization. Fortunately, there are many resources available online to help!

Organic marketing does require one more additional thing: time. In fact, time is organic marketing’s greatest expense. It requires time to produce engaging content, and that content then requires time to gain traction in the results pages of search engines. The time that process takes can vary; some content will get picked up quickly, while others may take a while to gain enough traction for search engines to display your content. In addition, it’s always a good idea to optimize your content and site pages to help drive more conversions as well. 

Social Media

Leveraging your social media for growth is another great approach as it doesn’t require any investment. Sure, many companies do end up spending on social media, often on targeted ads, but these methods aren’t necessary to generate traction and engagement. Similar to organic marketing, social media management requires commitment as well, as most traction gained there will be via interacting with your audience. By keeping up with your pages and audience on a consistent basis, you’ll find that a significant number of your social media followers will inevitably view your website as well, and many still could become customers down the line. 

Email Marketing 

If you’re currently using email marketing campaigns, scrubbing your list for inactive leads could help save money, as many services charge by the number of emails sent. Review your performance metrics to see if there are any leads that aren’t receiving their emails, or if there are any that are receiving them but never interacting with them. In addition to scrubbing your list, ensuring that quality and engaging emails are being sent out is another way to maximize your marketing power on a budget. You’re paying to get those emails sent out, so might as well be sure you’re sending ones that potential customers will actually want to engage with. 

Regardless of the avenue you take when it comes to marketing, organic interaction with potential clients will be the most powerful tool available to you and your business, as it provides the value that your customers are actively seeking out. It is often a long process, but if your organization is able to invest time and commitment, it can stand to provide your business with huge results. To find out how UpSource can help your business with this process, contact us using the form on our site or call today at (319) 242-3555.

By: Anthony L May III

CEO of UpSource Media

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