Is your business receiving as much traction as you’d like? Many business owners are seeing tangible growth year-by-year in their business operations, but many more are not seeing any, or not seeing their business grow as fast as they’d expect. What can you do to jumpstart the process and start acquiring more customers and sales?

The first and arguably most important and effective way to begin increasing traction is by ensuring your business has an up-to-date and mobile responsive website. These days, most folks will at least do a quick google search before hiring a service provider. But simply having a site isn’t quite enough — your website will also need to have an engaging, current and user-friendly design and be optimized for SEO, so it will actually appear in a search engine whenever a potential customer or client makes a search. Remember that SEO is not just an overnight, one-and-done fix, but a continuous process as search engine algorithms and your competitors’ marketing and SEO strategies are always changing and evolving. 

Speaking of marketing, email campaigns are a great way to keep up with customers whom you’ve already won over and to seek out new ones! In fact, any business that relies on multiple sales from the same consumer would see benefit from email campaigns as it’s a great way to stay in touch with your leads. Not only that — email campaigns also allow you to advertise any promotions, coupons, or exclusive deals and helps to improve consumer awareness of your business in general.

Social media is also a great and necessary tool for keeping up with current clientele and improving awareness of your business. While it doesn’t promise overnight results, building up a good following will provide your business a great platform to engage with the consumers in your local area. It is also a big part of how search engines will rank your website in their search results. Just remember — if you are going to take time to set up social media, be sure to commit to it! Routine updates are the best way to help your website’s SEO and customers alike! 

Another tip to help boost your business’s marketing prowess isn’t an overtly obvious one but is still massively important to your overall marketing process — tracking and analyzing the success of your marketing solutions! Be sure to consistently check and measure your success as your business grows and scales. Over time, you can use the insights gained from careful tracking to acquire a more informed strategy to maximize your return on investment for all other marketing measures.

If you are curious about how UpSource can help your business grow using these strategies and many more, call or click today! We are eager to help you meet your goals next year!

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