The outsourcing of business processes is already showing signs that it is an industry that is here to stay. In fact, it’s projected to become an integral part of the way we conduct business. Right now, the largest market for outsourcing is in the United States, while Asia is seeing the quickest growth. Because of this rapid growth and the ongoing advents in technology regarding global communication, more and more sophisticated outsourcing operations have become possible. In fact, it is a common consensus that businesses of the future will most likely outsource as many of their processes as possible, and only keep specific and necessary aspects of their field as in-house jobs. 

Currently, the industry is still transitioning from the low-risk, low-involvement outsourcing of processes, like data entry or bookkeeping, to more involved processes, such as customer support or inside sales. Some businesses even outsource more significant functions, such as customer outreach via lead generation or social media management or IT services. This is possible due to the aforementioned advances in tech – businesses no longer have to rely as much on the outsourcing organization itself since cloud-based tools allow them to cooperate and complete tasks in a standardized manner. 

As the outsourcing industry continues expanding and changing, a few trends are expected to arise. In regards to emerging markets, Europe and Latin America are already gearing up to become popular and dependable outsourcing providers, and are expected to grow in strength to a similar degree seen today by India or the Philippines. Advances in cloud computing will also usher in much growth for outsourcing and cloudsourcing providers. From Infrastructure as Code solutions to workload and workflow management, cloud frameworks and tools share a common goal: to allow companies to save money and automate business processes as they grow increasingly complex. 

As our business processes change, it’s only natural that our working models change alongside them. Entirely remote teams will become commonplace across the globe, partially due to overall convenience, but also due to the need for better organized business relationships since so much of the business process will take place off-shore. 

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