Up-Sourcing Can Be a Gamechanger for Your Business

Up-Sourcing Can Be a Gamechanger for Your Business

With the leaps and bounds made in tech over the last two decades, more and more skilled individuals have been able to work in their area of expertise from anywhere in the world, provided they have enough bandwidth. This trend has propelled us from a time when businesses were completely organized within physical locations to an age of freelancers and digital nomads. In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of the global workforce choose to work remotely at least once each week. To better illustrate why telecommuting has become commonplace in today’s work culture, we at UpSource have put this list together to detail three ways up-sourcing can be a gamechanger for your business.

Driving Growth

At first, companies chose to outsource labor as a way to save money – it definitely made sense, as independent contractors only do the work that you need doing without an annual salary or benefits. Of course, those perks still apply today, but more and more companies are beginning to turn to outsourcing for a different purpose.

Today, companies large and small alike are seeking remote workers to increase the skillsets at their disposal rather than to simply cut costs. A freelancer’s expertise can be a great addition to an already proficient team or organization, possibly even given them an advantage over any competitors in their area. Known as “disruptive outsourcing”, this method of outsourcing has already become more popular than traditional cost-cutting outsourcing methods.

Addressing your team’s skill gaps

Picture all of your business functions. Are there any areas in which your team could improve throughout their daily business process? Addressing in-house skill deficits can be as easy as finding the right remote worker. Of course, with UpSource you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect freelancer or virtual assistant – we’ve got that covered for you!

Continuous Improvement

At UpSource, we feel continuous improvement should be a cornerstone of any remote campaign. By implementing and keeping track of clearly defined KPI Metrics you can quantify the success of your campaign and track improvement as it progresses. It does require some time invested upfront to get everyone on the same page regarding your goals and the best methods to track and meet them. In addition, regular check-ins are a vital part of the outsourcing process as they provide a time to make adjustments to the campaign or approve decisions to keep it constantly evolving. Remember to be clear and direct with feedback during this time as well, and highlight specific examples from your campaign, both positive and negative.

If you feel that freelancers could benefit your company, why not try up-sourcing a few tasks today? With our large talent pool, your business can easily receive a boost in productivity without needing to hire more employees or search the net for freelancers on your own. Simply reach out using the form on our “Contact Us” page or call 319-800-6276 for a free consultation!

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