Right now, outsourcing as it pertains to the business environment is a multi hundred-billion dollar industry, employing millions across the globe and helping more and more businesses meet their goals and become more efficient. The industry has seen huge growth in the last 5 years due to the fact that whether a company is just a small startup or a giant corporation, they can benefit from the services provided by an outsourcing organization. What caused this massive surge in interest for outsourcing? It is because this service allows a business to delegate services to an external expert or team of experts, allowing their employees to focus on what they do best, and providing them with more time and energy to do so. As for what services virtual assistants can assist with – there are tons! Today, outsourcing providers are already engaged in industries ranging from telecommunications and retail to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, banking, legal, research and travel to name just a few!

How can UP-Sourcing help your business grow?

Despite the industry’s massive growth in the last 5 years, you may have not yet decided if choosing to outsource is right for you and your business. However, almost every modern business has a need that the use of virtual assistants can address. Bookkeeping, email management, appointment setting, project management, customer support, copywriting,  and social media administration are just some of the services an outsourcing organization can provide for your business. With such a wealth of different solutions, you may be wondering how these organizations can accomplish this wide variety of tasks. There are actually several different types of BPO, each with its own advantages and applications. The video below breaks this down in further detail:

It’s also said that a successful business is often an efficient one, that’s why keeping track of KPI metrics during the life-cycle of your up-sourcing campaign is a crucial part of the process. At UPSource Media, we utilize Google Sheets so our clients may check the progress and success of their campaign in real time at their convenience. Our VAs, or “Pod” also uses a time tracker so we can gauge the efficiency at which they work and make progress on your campaign. 

If you’d like to find out more about our process or if you’re thinking about up-sourcing your business processes to UpSource Media, please contact us (hyperlink) on our site or give us a call at 319-800-6276!

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